Unraveling the Mysteries of Black Opal: 10 Factors That Determine Price Per Carat

Delving into the World of Gemstones

Immerse yourself in the fascinating universe of gemstones, a domain where each jewel possesses its distinctive allure and worth. Standing out among these captivating treasures is the Black Opal. Its radiant beauty and exclusivity make it a highly coveted gemstone worldwide. Grasping the intricacies of the black opal price per carat can aid shoppers in making knowledgeable choices and understanding this exquisite gemstone’s genuine worth.

black opal price per carat

Decoding the Black Opal

The black opal is a specific opal type that showcases a dark body hue, commonly black or deep gray. The name ‘black opal’ doesn’t solely pertain to its color, but rather its underlying shade. This dark setting heightens the vibrant play-of-color, causing the colors to seem more lively and intense.

Nuances Affecting Black Opal’s Worth

The cost of a black opal is determined by numerous elements. These encompass the play-of-color, pattern, body tone, brightness, size, and the gemstone’s overall quality.


The play-of-color signifies the spectral colors that shimmer when the stone is rotated. In black opals, red is the most coveted color, succeeded by orange, green, blue, and violet. Opals exhibiting a full spectrum of colors fetch higher prices.


The color pattern in black opals is another factor impacting their cost. The most prized pattern is ‘Harlequin’, characterized by large, sharply-defined patches of color arranged in a checkerboard design.

Body Tone

Black opals with a dark body tone hold more value than those with lighter body tones. The darker the backdrop, the more striking the play-of-color appears.


Brightness refers to the strength of the opal’s color display. Top-quality black opals possess exceptional brightness that makes their colors stand out even under dim light.


The size of the black opal also affects its price per carat. Larger stones are more uncommon and therefore fetch higher prices.


Lastly, the black opal’s quality – including its clarity, shape, and polish – will influence its price per carat. Premium black opals are devoid of cracks or inclusions and are impeccably polished.

Calculating Black Opal Price Per Carat

To calculate a black opal’s price per carat, all these factors must be considered. For example, a superior black opal displaying a full color spectrum with a Harlequin pattern may fetch prices over $10,000 per carat. Conversely, a lower quality black opal with less vibrant play-of-color may be valued at around $1,000 per carat.

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Wrapping Up

The black opal price per carat depends on various elements that contribute to its overall value. By comprehending these factors, consumers and collectors can appreciate these enchanting gemstones’ true worth. Despite their substantial price tag, black opals remain a treasured asset for their hypnotizing beauty and rarity.

For further information on gemstones, you can visit this Wikipedia page.

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