The Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Royal Blue Sapphire Prices

With its intense hue and alluring sparkle, the royal blue sapphire is a gemstone that enchants everyone’s heart. But, understanding how the royal blue sapphire price is determined can be a challenge. This comprehensive guide aims to demystify the factors that influence its value and provide insights to aid your gemstone-buying journey.

The Extravaganza of Royal Blue Sapphires

Royal blue sapphires, with their deep blue hue, are some of the most coveted gemstones in the world. Their striking beauty, coupled with their hardness (second only to diamond), makes them an ideal choice for all types of jewelry.

Understanding the Pricing Factors for Royal Blue Sapphires

The pricing of royal blue sapphires is not based on a single element. Numerous factors interplay, determining the final price. Let’s delve into understanding these in detail.

1. Origin: Birthplace of Beauty

The geological environment in which a sapphire forms significantly impacts its color, quality, and therefore, price. Sapphires from Kashmir, being the most velvet-like blue, command the highest prices while those from Myanmar (Burma) and Sri Lanka follow suit.

2. Size: The Bigger, The Better

In the royal blue sapphire market, size has a substantial impact on the price. Larger gemstones are rarer, and for royal blue sapphires, the price-per-carat jumps significantly for stones larger than one carat.

3. Cut: Highlighting the Hues

The cut doesn’t just shape the sapphire but also influences the way light interacts with the gem, revealing its color. Precision-cut royal blue sapphires fetch premium prices due to their ability to flaunt the gem’s blue color to its maximum.

4. Clarity: Clear and Sparkling

Sapphires with higher clarity command higher prices. However, since sapphires usually exhibit some level of inclusions, ones that have inclusions not visible to the naked eye are considered high quality and priced accordingly.

5. Treatment: Unveiling the Natural Brilliance

Nearly all sapphires on the market undergo some form of treatment to improve their appearance. Unheated or untreated royal blue sapphires, presenting their stunning natural color and clarity, however, command premium prices.

The Art of Valuing Royal Blue Sapphires

Valuing royal blue sapphires demands an in-depth understanding of each of these factors. As each element holds significant importance, mastering a balance of all is the key to a well-valued royal blue sapphire.

An Investment Worth the Splurge

Royal blue sapphires, with their captivating beauty and enduring durability, are undeniably worth the investment. Knowing what influences the price will not only shape your purchasing decisions but also ensure you appreciate the real value of the gemstone you own.


Now that you have gained a solid understanding of the factors that play into the pricing of royal blue sapphires, you are equipped to make an educated purchase. Remember, acquiring a royal blue sapphire is a journey – one filled with beauty, intrigue, and wonder at the marvels of nature’s creation.

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